Agileos Consulting
Your Professional DBA Support

Architecture and Setup

To create a new architecture the right way is not a trivial task, and errors can cost money and reputation. Which hardware? Need High Availability? What about backups? We are here to help you and your team to create the foundation of a reliable setup.

Performance Tuning

Get the best out of your investment. Remove bottlenecks, tackle slow queries, take advantage from a pooler in front of your database to speed up clients requests. Get an ad-hoc configuration taillored for your usage. Our expertise stretches from Hardware to Virtual Machines and Kubernetes.

Health Checkup

Make sure your database is in good shape and can scale as your business grows. Prevention is better than cure!

360 degrees DBA support

From monitoring to disaster recovery planning, from upgrades to solving complex problems. We can solve your problems or provide to your DBA team extra hands.

Remote Support Operational in Minutes

We can provide support worldwide, does not matter where your servers are located. And we can be operational within minutes. Want to discuss face to face? Videoconference is part of our daily way of working.

Maximize your Return On Investment

Thanks to our remote support formula, you can cut on unnecessary costs and time. That does not mean no human interaction. Our customers always have full control and the most up to date overview. Periodic meetings and written reports are part of our formula in a SCRUM fashion way.

Solid Linux Expertise

With more than 15 years of production experience on Linux, all aspects of your OS are well taken care of. Your penguins are in good hands!

A Service Tailored for You

Are you looking for a quick answer to a specific question? Do you need to get rid of some items in your backlog? We offer a flexible set of options, based on our customer's needs.

Why Agileos Consulting?

Complete package: We provide a full service, taking care of all aspects of your Database from installation to monitoring.
Constant feedback: Thanks to our SCRUM based way of working, you will receive periodic updates about the work in progress.
Confidence: Leave your Postgres, Kafka or Mongo in experienced hands and spend your energies on your core business!

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